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Down the rabbit hole...

Time again for some intense naval gazing!

I'm supposed to be doing homework right now. I still have a couple of tests to take before the end of the semester, which is looming in a most fearsome fashion.

But to be honest, I'm just not feeling the square roots right now.

We watched Rudolph with the kids tonight. Had forgotten just how sad Rudolph, Hermy and those poor little misfit toys sounded. And how much I can sympathize with them.

You know who I don't spend enough time with? Me. Between work, church, school, organizations, kids, home, etc., I rarely even have what could be called down time. So starting now, I'll be spending more time with me. Finding out what I like, what's on my mind, getting to know me.

I'm kind of excited about this.

I might even start writing more.


I'm sure none of you have really noticed, but I haven't been around much lately. Part of it is summer, but a lot of it has been things I just can't talk about here. I'm the only person making rules for my own expression, but I tend to stick by them.
1) Don't talk about work. Especially in a negative fashion.
2) Don't discuss the problems of friends or family without consent.
3) Don't discuss things about the children that they may one day resent you for revealing to the internet.

In other words, no dirty laundry.

Which has made it a little difficult to post this past summer. This is not to say that our summer was one tragedy after another, because it wasn't. However, it was a lot of "unmentionable" things, interspersed with actually trying to enjoy our summer. (You know, that thing that's GONE now? Where the heck did it go?)

About the time that I last wrote, I was facing a major job change, a lateral move within the company to a position with less creative challenges, more deadlines, and more accountability. Don't get me wrong, I do like this position. It appeals to the list-making, check-marking side of my brain, but it's tough. There is so much to remember, so many things to double check, and it all has to be done so quickly.

In addition, good, dear friends of ours (and some of our family as well) have been faced with some difficult, life-changing situations.

That was summer.

Now, school has started, and with it the early morning routine that involves me waking up so early the birds are impressed. Lion, who worked from home so that the kids didn't have to go to daycare all summer (give him a hand folks!) is getting ready for one of his busiest work seasons. My new position is starting to gear up as well, as we head towards the holidays. Choir has begun. All the organizations we are involved with have come off their summer slow-downs. The dog is shedding about a metric ton of fur a day. Relatives are visiting. Friends will need help moving.....

It got me yesterday. Nailed me right to the floor. Anytime I end up listening to "Round Here" by Counting Crows over, and over, and over, and over in the same day, it's a bad day. Really, it was a four stars out of five for worst emotional health day ever. And why? Nothing horrible had happened that day. It just...piles up, and flows over.

I don't really know how to end this. I hope to be around more, but I can't promise a thing. If anybody's still reading, please know I haven't forgotten the internet. I'm just kind of busy.

Take care, all of you.

Friday Bests

So I'm walking back to work yesterday after lunch, when I had an idea. Unlike the Grinch's idea, though, mine was not a wonderful, awful idea. In fact, I actually thought it was pretty good.

It's called Friday Bests, and the idea is to list several things that were the best of their kind for that week, sort of an everyday gratitude kind of deal. In my case, I'm working off the senses to begin with.

And yes, I do know it's Saturday, thank you! I was getting rained on for a good cause at Relay for Life for a majority of my Friday evening, and I'm just now getting around to writing this.

Best Sight of the Week:
A big, burly, bearded biker man riding a big, burly Harley-Davidson motorcyle....with a tiny, fox-faced lapdog panting happily in a black leather dog bed attached to the instruments, right behind the windshield.

Best Sound of the Week:
Cub, saying, "We're not pirahnas anymore, we're chickens!"

Best Smell of the Week:
Lavendar-Lemongrass soap from twoewes!

Best Feeling of the Week:
The back rub from Lion that I so desperately needed as my body tried to adjust to being a desk jockey again after a week of activity in the great outdoors.

Best Taste of the Week: The strawberry smoothie from Sonic that Lion dropped off for me unexpectedly.

So there's my Friday Bests (or maybe, Best of the Week would be a better title?), and now here's the catch. I've just officially made this a meme, and if you read it, you're tagged! (Not that a whole lot of people are reading after my extended absense. :P)

The head bone's connected to the jaw bone

Once upon a time, in the way, waaaaaaaayyyy long ago, it seems, I talked about needing my wisdom teeth out. Badly. Well....notice how I never mentioned it again? That would be because I went right out and.......never scheduled an appointment. First of all, there was Christmas that year. Who wants major dentistry around the holidays? Then, I was kind of waiting till we finished our taxes. But then, my brother's wedding was coming up, and who wants to be known as the chipmunk cheeked bridesmaid? And then it was summer...and then it was fall...and then it was the holidays again. Well, you get the point. It was a masterful example of extreme procrastination.

However, you can only put off the inevitable so long, and so it was that I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with general anesthesia and a mouth full of gauze. Yum.

Just like every other aspect of my life, Murphy was my companion again for this adventure. I mean, it's nice to have the HHR and all, but I hate to give Murphy the extra leg room! We reached the office at the appointed time, only to discover that their X-ray machine was out of order. Of course. But I wasn't off the hook yet! Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your point of view), the place that Lion had just started dentisting last month had the appropriate machine, so we raced across town, swooping in to.....fill out new patient paperwork and wait. And wait. And wait. Once I was finally able to go in for my close-up (no makeup or anything, but I still say I have a very lovely jawbone), we were able to return to the office, and continue to fill out paperwork.

One thing about the paperwork that we had to fill out: If you aren't absolutely terrified about your procedure before you start to fill out the surgery consent form, with every possible, horrible complication listed, you will be by the time you're done.

I was obviously not in a very good place by the time they took me back, sure that I would either never see my children again, or that I would be permanently disabled. To be very honest, though, the doctor, and all his nurses, and all his support staff were very, very kind and very, very understanding. When they saw my x-rays, they did recommend that I have all four wisdom teeth out, including the one that had never erupted, but they never tried to scare me into it. They had given us an estimate on the phone weeks before, and understood that was our budget limit, and didn't try to push us into more than we could afford. (Good policy, I suppose, for an office that demands full payment the first day. I suggested to Lion that is why they ask that a responsible adult accompany the victim patient for the entire time of the procedure. That way they can hold the patient for ransom!)

Apparently, after the whole x-ray ordeal, Murphy decided that he was done with us for the day. And you know what? The surgery was nowhere near as bad as I feared. I went into, and came out of, anesthesia without complications beyond an exponential exacerbation of my own clumsiness, and a bad case of motormouth (which is pretty difficult with a mouthful of gauze.) Seriously. By the time we got home, Lion had to tell me more than once that I wasn't supposed to be talking that much. Doctors orders. And then he handed me a note pad. I'm really hoping that is what the doctor said, and that he wasn't just tired of trying to interpret the Marlon Brando-speak coming out of my walrus mouth. (When they packed the gauze in, they REALLY packed the gauze in, leaving me with enormous, drooly walrus tusks.) One of the first things I wrote on my notepad was for him to get me my phone, so that I could text him, and not have to wait for him to walk by and read my notepad again, in which time I would have thought of 5 or 6 more things I needed to ask him/tell him. I was actually feeling pretty chipper when we returned home.

Pretty soon, though, I was tired again, and needed some rest. By the time I woke up, things were starting to get uncomfortable. Luckily, they did send me home with some pretty good pain meds, antibiotics, and a great cold pack/head wrap thing that makes me look like Jacob Marley. Somehow, I don't think that Lion was amused as I was by me drifting around the house after him moaning, "Scrooooooooogggeee, SCROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" All I needed was a pair of chains to rattle, and I was all set!

Recovery so far hasn't been too bad. In fact, I'd say I'm about 1/4 as miserable as I expected to be. My lower right jaw is pretty sore, and very swollen, but considering that I expected them all to be that way, I'm not too concerned. That was the one that was giving me quite a bit of trouble the week before the surgery, so my guess is that it was exhibiting enough active decay that they might have had to go after it, piece by piece. With a hammer. And a chisel. And a crowbar. Possibly a jackhammer. Still, I'd say being 3/4s less miserable than expected is a good thing. (Now with 75% less suffering!)

I really have to commend Lion. I won't say he's never left my side, because watching someone sleep can get pretty boring, but he has been there to take care of pretty much everything I've needed, making sure I'm taking my meds on time, preparing sore mouth friendly foods, and ensuring that I don't try and exert myself anymore than necessary. (Probably the most difficult task in the bunch.) Plus, he took me out for a caramel milkshake with a spoon, took me to the library for reading materials, and got me a couple of hanging baskets, one with pansies, and one with violas, instant mood brighteners for me. And I know I haven't been all sweetness and light, and I've drooled a lot, so bless him for being so wonderful.

And so, they are out. All four of them gone, hopefully to never trouble me again. Kid thinks I was kind of gypped, since I didn't get to keep them, so I didn't get a visit from the tooth fairy. Cub has been very sweet, and very careful of my face. For the most part, they haven't even wrangled too much.

Tomorrow, I have to go back to work. I've taken two days, and that's about all I can afford to take in a regular work week. I may only go for part of a day tomorrow, but that will still be better than jumping back in and trying to do it all in two, over-exerting, 12-hr (or more) days. I honestly think I'll probably be up to it.

What I don't know if I'll be up to is giving up being a homebody. Despite the pain, I've really enjoyed just being home with Lion and the children. The weather has been great, with warm sunshine, cool breeze, and all the lilacs just starting to bloom. Plus, Lion and I got the pond much closer to completion on Saturday afternoon, making it very pleasant to just sit and listen to the music of the waterfall and fountain in the pond. Today, Cub and I watched in fascination as a snake slithered across the rocks beneath the waterfall, only to recoil in surprise as water splashed on his head. This morning, Kid and I talked about the smells water could have, and why, and whether or not people were made of atoms. Lion's gotten a good dose of what I'll be like as an old lady, as I discuss endlessly my medications, when I need to take them, their recorded side effects versus how I feel, etc. Still, I have to say again just how grateful I am for my family right now.

Of course, after all that procrastinating, to have things go so well makes me wonder just what I was scared for!

And yes, it technically is a station wagon.

Gimme an H!


Gimme an H!


Gimme an R!


What's that spell?

My new car!

That's right, as of last week, I'm the proud owner of a new-to-me Blue Chevy HHR.

I. LOVE. It.

It is awesome.

Now, don't get me wrong. I loved, and indeed, will always have a soft spot in my heart for, the convertible. It's a fun car. But the sad fact of the matter is that Kid is currently making a concentrated effort to be taller than me before he's 11, and as such, was running out of room for his legs in the back seat. With gas prices continuing to rise, we needed something with the fuel economy of the convertible, but with enough hauling room that we didn't have to make six hour road trips with someone *cough*me*cough* having to ride the entire way with their feet on the cooler.

I know it seems hasty, but we've actually been thinking, researching and looking for just the right vehicle since October, and I do believe this is it! There's enough room in the back for full-sized adults, enough cargo room to carry everything we need, and the fuel economy we wanted.

Oh, and it's really, REALLY cool.

Did I mention that I love it?

I hope to have pictures soon!

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