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To the teenage girl in the Ford Focus

Hey there! I see you back there, in my rear view mirror, cruising along in the car that I'm guessing your folks bought you. I can see that you're a pretty typical teenager; stuff hanging on the mirror, cluttered dashboard, etc. Why, you're close enough I can even see that you've got some sort of funky seat covers personalizing your little automobile.

You're also close enough for me to see that you're chattering away on the phone, while eating, and looking for something on the seat beside you. Let's hand to hold the phone, one hand to eat and rummage on your passenger seat...with what, pray tell, are you driving?

Now I'm going to tell you something right now. It's been less than six months since I was rear-ended in this very car that you're following so closely, so don't be terribly surprised if I totally come unglued when you rear end me because you're more interested in your own drama.

Cheers, drive safely (please?), and HANG UP THE PHONE!

Oh, and have a nice day.


(No, I didn't get rear-ended again. Since the accident, I've been a little more cautious about who's behind me, and this girl absolutely had me bracing for impact with her utter lack of caution, or, indeed, even one hand on the steering wheel.)


Today was a gorgeous day, with the temps soaring to a balmy 46 degrees. (That's 8 degrees, for those of you playing along in Celcius.) Returning to work after picking Kid up from school was a real exercise in willpower. As it was, I was sorely tempted to drop the top of my convertible for the drive back.

A pity that the high tomorrow is only going to be 13 degrees.(-10¬?C)

Still, despite the nutso weather, something has switched on for me this week. This past weekend, and indeed for a couple of weeks before, the idea of doing anything beyond what was absolutely necessary has seemed completely out of reach. In fact, except for an ambitious spate of ice-pitching, my weekend was a complete bust productivity-wise. I was channeling the Zen of the Sloth, in it's highest form.

Then came Monday.

Up a 5 am sharp. Worked out, got ready, made lunches, filled thermoses (thermii?), got children ready and fed, and everyone where they needed to be on time, had a great, productive day at work, came home and cleaned, did loads of laundry, wrote, practiced piano, without ever feeling weary, until 10 minutes before I dropped, exhausted, into bed at 11 pm.

Normally, those sorts of days are few and far between. But then, I had another one today!

I don't know if it's some sort of seasonal thing, and there's finally enough hours of daylight to switch off the hibernation button, or if a week or two of non-ambition just allowed me to reset.

I really shouldn't question it. I'm hitting on all the cylinders right now, and that's one gift horse whose teeth I don't care to examine!


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Adventures of the Pride

Have I mentioned before that February is my least favorite month of the year? This year, February is even more gruesome than in past winters, simply because this winter has been very serious about being winter.

I guess that really, we've gotten spoiled over the last couple of years, where even if we did get several inches of snow, it would be followed by a significant warmup within the next couple of days, allowing the snow to melt entirely away before the next batch fell. That hasn't been the case this year. Our number of unseasonably warm days is still standing at zero, and the snow that fell in December is STILL on the ground, along with the snow that fell after Christmas, the snow that fell around New Years, the snow that fell in late January, the snow that fell before Groundhog's Day, and so forth, and so on.

The worst part is that recently, we've broken the really darn cold trend just enough to have a few seasonably warm days, where the temps would creep just enough above freezing to melt quite a bit of snow and ice, but not enough to thaw the frozen ground. Our sidewalks, therefore, with the snow of repeated scoopings piled high to either side, have begun to resemble shallow canyons. After these warm days, where the snowmelt has nowhere to go, they become more like lakes. And then it gets cold again. And all that snowmelt freezes. And pretty soon, we're able to go ice fishing on our front walk.

This weekend, we drew quite a few stares as we chopped and tossed three inches worth of ice off of our walks. Most people aren't out shoveling on a 40 degree sunny day. But most people aren't living in a home with its own frozen moat. However, it was a pretty good remedy to the acute cabin fever we seem to be experiencing.

I'll just be glad when this month is over, and we can start with the real wild and crazy weather. :-/

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