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Friday Bests

So I'm walking back to work yesterday after lunch, when I had an idea. Unlike the Grinch's idea, though, mine was not a wonderful, awful idea. In fact, I actually thought it was pretty good.

It's called Friday Bests, and the idea is to list several things that were the best of their kind for that week, sort of an everyday gratitude kind of deal. In my case, I'm working off the senses to begin with.

And yes, I do know it's Saturday, thank you! I was getting rained on for a good cause at Relay for Life for a majority of my Friday evening, and I'm just now getting around to writing this.

Best Sight of the Week:
A big, burly, bearded biker man riding a big, burly Harley-Davidson motorcyle....with a tiny, fox-faced lapdog panting happily in a black leather dog bed attached to the instruments, right behind the windshield.

Best Sound of the Week:
Cub, saying, "We're not pirahnas anymore, we're chickens!"

Best Smell of the Week:
Lavendar-Lemongrass soap from twoewes!

Best Feeling of the Week:
The back rub from Lion that I so desperately needed as my body tried to adjust to being a desk jockey again after a week of activity in the great outdoors.

Best Taste of the Week: The strawberry smoothie from Sonic that Lion dropped off for me unexpectedly.

So there's my Friday Bests (or maybe, Best of the Week would be a better title?), and now here's the catch. I've just officially made this a meme, and if you read it, you're tagged! (Not that a whole lot of people are reading after my extended absense. :P)

Happy Campers

Surprise! Here I am! It's not very kind of me toward anyone who is actually
concerned about my welfare to write a big post about having my wisdom teeth
out and then disappear for a month, is it? I suppose I could spin you out
some yarn about horrible complications, hospitalization and a lengthy,
drawn-out recovery, far away from computers. Truthfully, though, with the
exception of a pretty big hole in my lower jaw where I think they used
dynamite to extract a particularly stubborn tooth, my recovery was just
about as smooth as it could be. I did go back once, because I was certain I
could see exposed bone way down in the bottom of that hole, only to discover
that it was just some of my lunch. :oops: The oral surgeon tried manfully not to
laugh at me, and sent me away with a nifty little syringe to rinse out that

Mostly, I've just been extra busy. We have a lot going on this month, and no
time to do anything extra. It's another one of those "sleeping optional"

One of the things that has kept me from the computer is the week that Lion
and I spent as counselors for Senior High church camp. What an incredible
experience! It's been a lot for me to digest, which is why it's taken me
half a week to get any of it into words. I'm going to try and limit myself
to just a few anecdotes (after the jump, so you don't have to read if you
don't want to), but I can't guarantee that it won't keep cropping up here
and there in my writing.

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