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Better U than Me?

So, Joshilyn over at Faster than Kudzu is an official spokemodel blogger-type person for this thing called Better U, sponsored by the American Heart Association. I may or may not actually take the time to check the program out online (because my online time is usually taken up with valuable things, but the principle of the thing seems sound. It's basically a call to get fit, not just because it makes your jeans look better (although we all love that!), but also because it's good for your heart.

I like this, because I tend to be a little neurotic about my weight. I'm actually not in too bad a shape. I'm really in the best shape of my life since high school, truth be told, but I can't make my brain see that. I don't know if that's just how I'm hardwired, but for every compliment my brain deals my body, it comes out with two more "but you could do betters." I've gotten a lot better since I had kids, partially because I don't want my little girl to grow up believing that Mommy doesn't get to eat the same food as everyone else. I remember my mom making big, home-cooked meals for the rest of us while she nuked her sad, tiny, diet meals. I remember telling my mom she was beautiful, only to have her tell us how fat she was (which she wasn't.) I guess that's probably part of the issue.

The other nice thing is that it encourages baby steps. Instead of cutting out all your favorite foods at once, and starting a grueling exercise program right off the bat, maybe just modifying one meal a day, or walking more each week. I like this, because I tend to be a gung-ho-er. I like to leap into something, beat it (and myself) to death, and then give up, because either I feel like I've reached my weight loss goal and can quit now (not a good idea) or because I feel like I'm working so hard, but not seeing enough results. This idea seems to encourage a healthier attitude.

So with those ideas in mind, here are my long-term goals:

1. Develop a healthy relationship with weight and fitness, one that has to do with how I feel, not the numbers on the scale.

2. Encourage that mentality, along with healthy (but not fanatical) eating and exercise habits in the rest of my family.

3. Increase my cardiovascular health.

4. Increase my body strength.

5. Pay more attention to my relationship with food (i.e. how situations and emotions affect my eating habits.)

Short Term goals (framed up to match my long-term goals:

1. Only check the scale/tape measure once a week, and only then as a measure of progress. If those numbers don't move, figure out what that might mean, instead of guilt-spiraling.

2. Don't criticize my body out loud. It just sounds pathetic.

3. Stay in training heart range for my entire workout, gradually increasing intensity.

4. Begin strength training.

5. Create healthy meals and snacks for me and my family. AND DON'T SNACK AT THE COMPUTER!! (I just realized today that half the time, I'm snacking when I sit down at the computer. So I either have to give up the computer, or snacking while I'm there.....)

I may even report back on some of these goals! You never know......

Maybe someone needs to do a Better Blog U for blog health. Then I might start blogging regularly again.

And, having said blog so many times it no longer makes sense, my tired brain and I are going to bed.

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