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7 Reasons Winter Must End

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Roaring (rants)

The forecast for next week is in the 50s.

I can't lie. I'm excited.

Actually, mentally, I'm doing triple backflips in a swimming pool of full of dolphins on prozac. I'm that kind of happy.

It's that time of year when I'm just ready for winter to be over, and here is why:

1. Our coats are all dirty.
Yes. I know I have a washing machine. And no, I'm not going to use it right now to wash the coats. Why? Because it's been so cold, we all wear more clothes, which makes more laundry, which leaves less time for laundry. Plus, the time and effort that it takes to empty everyone's pockets and run the darn things through one at a time becomes a little prohibitive when it seems like we're wearing them half of our waking hours.

2. I want to look out the windows.
Our house is old, the windows are leaky. So, every winter, we put up window plastic that we might try and save a little bit on heat, and not be able to fly a kite in the living room when the wind is from the north. This is a task that is surprisingly harder than you'd think. Waking up the next morning to find out that the cat has, with surgical precision, cut himself a hole in said carefully applied plastic that he might have better windowsill access is one of those things that explains why cats have nine lives. In short, after patching that hole, I may or may not have gone just a little crazy with the packing tape, taping all the curtains to the wall so the cats couldn't even approach the windowsills. Which means I can't open the windows either.

3. I'd like to wear just one shirt, please.
Seriously. I'm getting a little tired of wearing half my wardrobe just to go to work.

4. My feet scare small children. No open toed shoes=very little in the way of foot maintenance. It's a pedicure emergency.

5. All the snow has turned grey.
In fact, the very brief spate of warm weather we had last week, combined with an active dog romping around the back yard, followed by more below zero temps means that things have melted and refrozen until our back yard resembles the surface of the moon. That is, if dogs do their business on the moon.

6. The kids are going insane.
Or maybe that's me.... Anyhow, not being able to go outside makes them stir crazy, which, in turn, just makes me crazy.

7. I need sunlight.
Not just the awareness that it's sunny, either. I need it to stay sunny long enough after I leave work that I can absorb a little bit of it. I'd make a terrible mushroom.

There's more, but that's enough to go on with.

Now I must go. The seed catalogs are beckoning.


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Adventures of the Pride

A year and a half. Good grief. If anyone read this, they'd think I was dead.

So this is a new year. 2011, to be specific, since the date stamp on that last post insists on mocking me.

I make no promises. Life is busy.

So I'm not going to say, "Oh, I swear and the tender pink bits of my wee little heart that I'll blog every day/week/month/year."

But if you read this, check in every once in a while.

You might be surprised.

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