Archives for: January 2012

The old and the crochety

So today, I can tell, the weather will change soon. How do I know? Not because my cell phone told me, or the TV weatherman, or even my faithful, trusty friend, the National Weather Service website. No. I know because I woke up with a faint, but definite ache in my fingers, and my toes.

I think about my Grandma, a wonderful piano player, and church organist practically from the time she was married until her physical and mental deterioration finally rendered her unable to play. Even from when I was a small child, I remember her big, swollen knuckles on her otherwise slender fingers. I'm no pianist, not at all, not even on days when my fingers are in such fine fettle they could dance a jig, but I wonder if the same fate my be in store for me.

Of course, one thing to take into account is that it isn't really that painful, and I'm really just kind of whining here. I should look at the bright side, and my future as a human barometer!

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